Storybook Playhouses

Storybook Playhouses

To inspire the joy of reading and storytelling for the young and the young at heart.

Cozy Interiors

Our interiors are so cozy you'll want to spend all day there hidden away.  Kids of all ages are sure to enjoy.

Whimsical Exteriors

Our weather-resistant exterior features will provide years of usability.   Follow this link for some simple maintenance recommendations.

Other Garden Structures



Our Garden Stutures are beautiful while providing extra space to work or relax or much needed storage.


Paris Salon

Watch this space for project updates.

If you're not happy with the view in your garden, let's work together to imagine what it could be!


Contact Us

Click here to visit our contact page.  We're happy to offer free advice & ideas or perhaps we have the perfect storybook playhouse for your garden.

Finding Inspiration from Others


Pet Possibilities

No shortage of inspiration in these great designs from Jeff Hays.  Lets make sure all family members are living in high style.


The Caboose

Its often said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.  Thank you Rob Nowak for this inspiration

Jeff Kappetti

Whimsy and Wonder

The paddle wheel is enchanting as it pours water into the pond below.  By Jeff Kapetti whose work graces the west coast