Cedar Roof and Trim

Cedar naturally ages to a beautiful grey color within a few years.  Protect it Behr Penetrating Oil or similar product annually.  This will allow it to maintain its luster and protect it from early water damage.



Stuccoboard Siding and PVC base.

Siding is exterior grade and PVC base helps keep it out of the snow.  Inspect and address the siding annually for any sign of moisture damage.



Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are not weatherproof.  Ensure that they remain tightly closed during inclement weather.  Seal annually with penetrating oil.



Consider a Clear Tarp 

To ensure maximum life of your playhouse, consider covering it with a clear tarp.  This will allow you to enjoy viewing it in the garden all winter long while knowing that it is well protected.  Tarps can easily be installed so that that they can be removed during playtime.